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Deja vu in container shipping

With our comprehensive portfolio of international container shipping services, the U-Freight Group was interested by comments made in an article on the Loadstar website about spiralling container shipping rates, with one person suggesting that the shipping lines are using sledgehammer tactics.U-Freight is getting a sense of deja vu having experienced similar tactics by the shipping lines during the Covid pandemic.We do not object to container shipping lines being profitable, but we would like better explanation and justification for the various surcharges and fees that they are implementing at the moment.To read the full Loadstar article, click on the following url: is committed to helping clients manage this difficult situation and mitigate, where possible, additional costs incurred. Our ocean freight team will endeavour to keep in close contact with all clients to provide updates on specific movements.For more information about our ocean freight forwarding and logistics services, please visit the relevant pages of this website; or contact your local U-Freight office.