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Philippines partner moves up the ranking

The U-Freight Group is pleased to report that our partner in the Philippines has moved up the table of the country's international air freight forwarders according to preliminary data from the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).

The CAB reported that U-Freight Phils., Inc. switched ranks with Schenker Philippines, Inc. to take third place with 17.849 million kg of cargo or a share of 5.91% in 2023.

The company, which has been a pillar of the international freight forwarding industry for over 40 years, is now just below Nippon Express Philippines Corp and Federal Express Pacific, Inc in the table.

U-Freight Phils., Inc. is the trusted and preferred forwarder by several industries including semiconductors, aviation, tobacco, manufacturing, agriculture, as well as medical and pharmaceutical. Its highly trained workforce is accustomed to handling time-sensitive and high-value shipments and meeting the high expectations of its clientele.

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