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Hong Kong retains crown of world's busiest cargo airport

With our headquarters, as well as several freight and logistics hubs in the city, we note that Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has retained its position as the world’s busiest cargo airport, according to data from Airports Council International (ACI) World.

ACI World reports that in 2023, HKIA handled 4.3 million tonnes of cargo, up 3.2% on 2022 but 9.9% below 2019.

It has held the title of the world’s busiest cargo airport for 13 of the last 14 years since 2010.

Reacting to the news, Jack So, Chairman of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), says, “We are proud to have claimed once again the top spot for air cargo throughput. This accomplishment demonstrates HKIA’s resilience, unparalleled efficiency and world-class cargo services. Air cargo is a key driver of the growth of Hong Kong’s logistics industry and overall economic development. AAHK shall continue to work tirelessly with our air cargo community to further strengthen HKIA’s competitiveness as a global cargo hub.”

HKIA is increasing capacity with the Three-runway System scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, which will increase capacity to 10 million tonnes a year.

The airport is focusing on high-value and fast-growing segments with HKIA being the world's first airport to earn all four IATA CEIV certificates for handling pharmaceuticals, perishables, live animals and lithium batteries.

E-commerce is another growth area and connections with the Greater Bay Area have been expanded with sea-air transhipments carrying out security screening, palletisation, cargo acceptance and other services upstream at the HKIA Dongguan Logistics Park before the cargo is shipped to HKIA by sea.

A similar process is in place for international imports to the Mainland.

The U-Freight Group certainly doesn’t take Hong Kong’s air cargo success for granted, and remains committed to continuing to work together with the Transport and Logistics Bureau, Civil Aviation Department, Airport Authority Hong Kong, all sectors in the air cargo industry, and countless other important stakeholders to continue to help grow Hong Kong further as the world’s leading air cargo hub, and the premier air cargo gateway connecting the Chinese Mainland with the rest of the world.

ACI World says that Hong Kong International Airport has maintained the top position, followed by Memphis International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Doha International Airport rejoins the top 10, jumping to number 8 with a growth of 6.3% over 2019.

For more information about U-Freight’s international expedited air freight logistics services through Hong Kong International Airport, please contact your local office.