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China’s first cargo-focused airport launches international flights

With a strong presence With a strong presence in the airfreight market, as well as a network of offices and logistics hubs across China, the U-Freight Group notes the international and trade media have reported that China’s first cargo-focused airport has launched its inaugural international route with a Belgium-bound flight.Air Cargo News reports that the all-cargo aircraft, loaded with some 100 tonnes of freight, departed Ezhou Huahu Airport in Hubei Province on April 1, citing China’s state press agency Xinhua.We understand that a customs-supervised vehicle, loaded with goods and locked by the Ezhou Customs (affiliate of Wuhan Customs),  drove out of the SF International Cargo Terminal at Ezhou Huahu Airport, headed towards Wuhan Tianhe Airport to take off the same day on an international flight to Belgium.The cargo was transferred to Tianhe Airport for export after a series of procedures at Ezhou Huahu Airport, including cargo collection, loading, customs declaration and release. This is also the first batch of exported goods after the official opening of SF International Cargo Terminal at Ezhou Huahu Airport. This successful export not only marks the capability of SF International Cargo Terminal in handling the import or export cargoes, which lays the foundation for the launch of the international cargo routes as the next step, but also clears the logistics channel between Ezhou Huahu Airport and Wuhan Tianhe Airport,Xinhua added that the route is scheduled to provide two round-trip cargo flights each week between China and Europe, adding 400 tonnes of air express capacity, according to the aircraft’s operator SF Airlines, which now has 80 freighters.Ezhou Huahu Airport began operations in July 2022 and launched its first all-cargo domestic air route, linking Ezhou with Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong Province.It is positioned as a cargo-focused hub airport with extensive cargo traffic but little passenger traffic. It features a 23,000 sq m cargo terminal, a nearly 700,000 sq m freight transit centre, as well as two runways, and is expected to open 40 domestic freight routes and about four international freight routes by the end of this year.You can find more information about the U-Freight Group’s international airfreight logistics services, as well as our comprehensive network in China, by visiting the relevant pages on this website or speaking to your usual contact in our company.