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FIATA launches latest edition of dangerous goods brochure

As a provider of international freight and logistics services, the U-Freight Group, notes that FIATA has released the highly anticipated ‘Introduction to the regulations for the safe handling and transport of dangerous goods (3rd Edition)’, designed to equip freight forwarders with essential knowledge and guidelines for the safe transportation of dangerous goods.As a company that is committed to prioritising safety and compliance in the handling of cargo, we are pleased that FIATA is providing training resources that will help improve and raise awareness on the way freight forwarders handle dangerous goods.Such dangerous goods, comprising articles and substances that pose potential risks to public safety, the environment, and property, demand meticulous handling and storage. The Dangerous Goods Brochure, in its 3rd Edition, provides freight forwarders with invaluable insights into the nature, properties, and conditions of hazardous materials, enabling them to navigate the complexities of transportation with confidence.Developed under the umbrella of the FIATA Advisory Body on Safety and Security (ABSS) along with the valuable expertise of Dangerous Goods Management (DGM), TT Club and International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), this brochure is an introductory resource for the industry’s safety policy, with the particularity of including data on all modes of transport. By adhering to these recommendations, freight forwarders contribute to the standardisation and improvement of safety practices in line with existing regulations, fostering a safer global transportation ecosystem, and promoting a clear communication of responsibilities and obligations to customers.The U-Freight Group, like FIATA, actively supports the enhancement and development of safety practices and FIATA's Dangerous Goods Brochure will help all freight forwarding companies to remain up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with industry best practices.“The handling and transport of dangerous goods are core competencies of our industry. The Dangerous Goods Brochure, in its 3rd Edition, serves as a useful tool to mitigate risks, protect lives, and uphold industry standards,” stated Niels Beuck, FIATA Chair of Advisory Body Safety and Security.Copies of the Dangerous Goods Brochure (3rd Edition), can be found on FIATA’s website, here: can find more information about the U-Freight Group’s international freight and logistics services by visiting the relevant pages of this website or speaking to your usual contact in our company.