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Alphaliner says blanked sailings are part of normal shipping business life

In its latest weekly report, Alphaliner says blanked sailings have become "part of normal shipping business life" on key east-west container trade lanes; in which the U-Freight group is an active participant offering a comprehensive portfolio of FCL and LCL shipping services.

Alphaliner data shows in June and July, 10.8 per cent of all regular sailings out of the 25 Central China-Europe loops offered by the three big alliances were voided. Sea-Intelligence data shows transpacific blanked sailings have been ticking up in July and August also.

According to consultants Drewry, scheduled sailings have dropped for the month of August, while blanked capacity has increased.

Throughout the month just 573 sailings are scheduled across the mainlines after netting out blank sailings. This is down from the range of 600-650 net sailings during the April-July period, and is marginally up from the January low point of 545 sailings.

Alphaliner suggests that limiting capacity should remove some pressure on spot freight rates, while analysts at Freightos stated: "Peak season volumes have increased moderately alongside increases in blanked sailings."

The U-Freight Group shares the general market sentiment that considering the recent rise in rates, participants can expect that strict capacity management will continue, meaning blanked sailings are probably here until demand returns. There are already suggestions that another general rate increase may be incoming in the next month.

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