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Jun 2023
Trust and loyalty remain key to business success
Welcome to the 52nd edition of Service without Boundaries, the U-Freight Group’s newsletter.

It’s been some time since our last newsletter; and the last year or so has seen a period of relative contraction in the world’s freight and logistics sector after a lengthy period of almost uninhibited growth.

Businesses moving goods internationally have taken advantage of a softening market, with declining rates and increased competition amongst those selling space across all modes of transport.

The dynamic has changed from a previously white-hot market, where shipping lines and airlines could dictate terms, to an environment where providers of service capacity realise that they need to regain the trust of freight forwarders; and the importers and exporters they serve, if they wish to re-establish our loyalty and secure our business.

Trust and loyalty have always been key to the U-Freight Group’s success since our establishment in 1968, and remain so as we look forward to celebrating our 55th birthday in September with our first global sales conference in Hong Kong since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Good relationship building is key to the development of trust and important in the current difficult environment, and such meetings enable our international network of owned offices and long-standing partners to network and reinvigorate that trust, which will help them retain and gain business from clients old and new.

2023 is shaping up to be a more ‘normal’ year, comparable to the years immediately before the Covid pandemic roiled international markets and put carriers in the driving seat.

For U-Freight, 2023 has continued to see investment in our global operations and services as you can read our latest newsletter, which I hope you enjoy.
Latest News About U-Freight
Predictions of growth in e-commerce logistics
Earlier this year market research company Ti Insight issued a report predicting that that the global e-commerce logistics market is expected to grow by 7.9%, which is welcome news for the U-Freight Group as we continue to gear up of operations in order to meet the ever-increasing challenges of providing logistics services to this rapidly maturing sector of global trade.
Ongoing investment in facilities
Since our last newsletter, we have continued to reinvest in our logistics hubs around the world.
Award-winning services
Earlier this year, e+Solutions (ePlus), U-Freight’s comprehensive logistics package designed specifically for owners of small start-up e-commerce businesses, gained official recognition from the Hong Kong Brand Development Council.
Fast freight for Irish partner
At 75mph or so, the cheetah may be the fastest land animal on earth – and with a 0-60mph time of just 3 seconds can out-accelerate the most powerful cars – but this example relied on the U-Freight Group’s partner in Dublin to get it swiftly from Fota Island Wildlife park near Cork to Negev Zoo in Israel.
New website goes live
June saw the launch of the U-Freight Group’s new website, which has been designed to provide visitors with an easier way to learn about our services and to redefine expectations about what a global logistics company is about.
Latest Industry News
Container line reliability keeps improving, but at slower rate
With a comprehensive network of international container shipping services, including LCL and FCL import and export operations, the U-Freight Group notes that ocean carrier reliability improved 1.7% in April to 64.2%, up 29.9% YoY, according to Sea-Intelligence’s Global Liner Performance report.
FIATA launches latest edition of dangerous goods brochure
As a provider of international freight and logistics services, the U-Freight Group, notes that FIATA has released the highly anticipated ‘Introduction to the regulations for the safe handling and transport of dangerous goods (3rd Edition)’, designed to equip freight forwarders with essential knowledge and guidelines for the safe transportation of dangerous goods.
China-Europe freight train services expand in first four months
According to China's State Council Information Office, China-Europe freight train services saw solid growth from January to April this year, with the transport capacity and efficiency continuously rising.
Potential good news for shippers on US West Coast
The news that after more than a year of protracted talks and amid a recent spate of coast wide disruption, leaders from the PMA and the ILWU have reached a long-awaited tentative agreement for a new US west coast labour contract is good news for importers and exporters, as well as companies like U-Freight, which moves their container shipments through US West Coast ports via a comprehensive network of international container shipping services on the transpacific, including LCL and FCL import and export operations.
Trade Sector Focus
Logistics and Distribution
As a freight solutions provider for global supply chains, it will come as no surprise that UFL boasts some of the best logistics and distribution services on the market today.
Nota Bene
Nota Bene